• How to download the App

    The app is available in IOS and Android versions. Click on the download the app button available on the website and it will lead to a download the app page. Choose the Google play button for Android users and the Apple store button for IOS users and it will lead you to the respective app stores where you can download the app.

  • Can I book rides for future dates?

    Yes, this feature is available in the app.

  • I am a new user, How do I register on the app?

    Download the app, and tap the register button. Fill in your details and create your profile to complete the registration.

  • How do I get my friend to download the App?

    The app provides an option to invite friends through email IDs. Easily choose your contacts and invite them to use Dial Jack.

  • What if you get a different Boda and /or Bike?

    You can send an instant complaint to us or reject the ride if you find anything untoward.

  • What should I do if my Boda stops to refuel during a ride?

    You can let the boda know if you are ok with it or not. If not, you can give us a feedback.

  • What if my Boda rides dangerously, at excessive speed, cuts lanes, misses signals etc?

    You can warn him once, else you can give us detailed feedback. Your safety and comfort is our priority. Unsafe riding is not acceptable to our company and you should immediately instruct our Boda to ride safely. Please also give us detailed feedback and we will ensure the appropriate action is taken and will ensure it is not repeated again.

  • How long will it take for the Boda to arrive after my booking is confirmed?

    It takes 3-5 min for a boda to arrive. In the case of excessive traffic conditions it may take longer.

  • What should I do if there is no Boda available?

    If a Boda is not immediately available, please re-book and the next available Boda will be allocated to you.

  • How can I cancel a booking?

    In the app, you will find a button to cancel the booking along with relevant feedback/reasons. Once you choose the option you can cancel the booking.

  • Where do I provide feedback?

    You can give us a feedback at the end of every journey by clicking on feedback/rating button

  • Can I pay with cash & mobile money at the same time?

    As of now we do not have the provision to split payment in various forms. We plan to include this feature in the future.

  • What will happen if a boda has a vehicle breakdown?

    Please pay the actual amount until distance you have traveled and close the trip and re-book for a new ride.